I’m new. How do I sign-up as a member?

Everybody can use SIFU to search for either subject and/or tutor. Just click on “sign-up member” and fill up form by following few simple instructions.

How to search subjects and tutors?

Student may search subject from the search bar at the landing page. Simply select the subject area or topic that you wish to learn. To further refine the search, you may also include specific keyword to assist the search. Otherwise, you may also click on “listing” and check out SIFU categories to have a holistic view on all lesson providers in each subject or category.

Are these tutors or lesson providers real?

Definitely! We will verify the contact details of every registered instructor in Suspicious registrations will be removed immediately.

What if the tutor contacted did not respond or have rejected my enquiry?

If the lesson provider/ tutor did not respond to your request, kindly email us at and our administration team will assist you soonest. On the other hand, if the tutor has rejected your request, it is most likely that the respective tutor is unable to provide further allocations for a new student. We kindly advise you to search and refer to another tutor of the desired subject.

What if the subject that I desire to learn is not available?

You are always welcome to submit additional SUBJECT REQUEST by filling up the questionnaire form available on Our team will swiftly seek to engage tutors to meet with your learning requirements as soon as possible.

How to rate tutor performance?

As a user, you are encouraged to rate the lesson provider/tutor after you have engaged the tutor with any lessons. Just visit the tutor profile page and click on “rating”. You may also provide comments/ feedback on your experience (this feature coming soon).

How to make payment?

Students are to provide 20% up-front monthly fee to secure the services of the selected tutor or company. (20% up-front payment is to be implemented as soon as payment gateway is ready) Or students may click on contact tutor and wait till lesson appointment to precede payment.

What if payment has already been made but students are not able to acquire tutors/lesson providers for a lesson?

In this scenario, kindly contact us or email us at, our administration team will verify and solve the problems as soon as possible. We will seek a replacement tutor for you on a best effort basis or we will have your payment fully refunded within 24 hours.

Tutor/lesson Provider.

How to be a tutor with

Any individual that has any experience and/or qualifications in any subject and is interested in teaching. The administration team will contact you in person to make some verification before your profile will be listed.

How to register as a tutor?

All you need to do is click on “Become tutor” and register without company ID (for freelance or private tutor). Complete the personal details, and provide a short story about yourself related to the subject you desire to teach, education and qualification background and upload related pictures. Once done, you are ready to start create the subject you desire to teach.

Can I list more than one subject?

Yes, definitely. In fact, every tutor is allocated up to 10 subjects for listing. You are advised to update your teaching timetable with specific remarks so that members will be informed on your teaching schedule.

Can I list online lessons with

Yes, of course. Tutors need to be specific in informing potential students regarding the lessons that you provide online. Regardless whether it is a pre-produced online video tutorial or live online lesson via Skype or other software, tutors/ lesson providers are encouraged to inform students.

I am a foreign private tutor, and would like to list my service here to teach online, is it possible?

Foreign tutors are most welcome to list your teaching services with, regardless whether you intend to teach in person or provide online teaching via Skype or other platforms.

Can I make changes on my teaching profile after submit listing?

You may edit your profile, update your teaching schedule or create new subject whenever you think is needed. But, each time you edit your information with SIFU your teaching profile will reset at pending status until our admin makes verification.

How do I get students?

Member who are seeking subject to learn any can browse through the website in search for their desired tutor. Once the preferred tutor has been identified, members will take the necessary steps to engage the tutors and ultimately the tutors will be informed.

What happens if the student has engaged to contact the tutor and upon agreement fail to turn up for their lesson?

To avoid disappointment and to maintain the appropriate service levels for all parties, our administration team to ensure that every request is legitimate will verify every lesson request being made by users.

In the event that the member/user changes his/her mind and is no longer interested with the tutor they have requested, our administration team will provide notifications via email or private message to inform the tutors, and the tutors can subsequently reject the student. On the other hand, if the student intends to set an appointment with the tutor/lesson provider, our administration team will notify the tutor to engage the student swiftly.

How do I make payment for the services on SIFU?

Tutors may purchase credits with SIFU from a few packages following your preference. These credits are required to obtain student’s contact details. You may visit this page in the tutor account.

What about students that has already paid 20% up-front payment? (This feature coming soon)

Tutors will be notified and have agreed that only 80% of the remaining fee is to be paid to the individual tutors/ lesson providers. 20% of the up-front payment is for the services rendered by


How to sign up with SIFU?

Just click on “sign-up company” and fill up your company details, upload your company logo or images and we will provide you a company ID with SIFU.

How to create subjects?

For companies, you may create as many subject categories as you wish at our listing page.

It is RECOMMENDED for company who would to create their individual tutor profile page with SIFU. These groups of tutors are handle within company administration datatable for credits allocation and managing progress such as editing profile, subjects, timetable and collecting student details. (Credit allocation relate to individual tutor teaching profile that alias with company ID. The company will buy credit and use it to purchase students lead.)

However, companies may proceed to create subjects without disclosing the profile of tutors. Students will still be able to browse and/or peruse the lessons provided by the company.

Can we make changes of our tutor profile or subject profile?

You may always edit, update or create new your tutor profile and subject profile from time to time whenever needed. But, each time you edit your information (Tutor profile only) with SIFU your teaching profile will reset at pending status until our admin make verification.

What are the differences between company and tutor listing?

Tutor listing are refer to general private tutor or freelance tutor. This tutor listing will display all their teaching profile but their private contact details are hidden. Thus, company listing is allowed to disclose all information about business services.

Yet, company is encouraged to have their full time tutor create tutor profile here. These tutor profile account will be provided with a company ID to access to a tutor profile page and it may manage by company administration or the tutor himself or herself.Each of this tutor profile page will highlight a message written "This teacher is liaising with tuition centre / company"

How to get students?

Students may engage the contact with the company directly after obtaining details of the company online or students may leave their enquiries and contact details with SIFU. SIFU will assist to forward this information to the lesson provider company for further action.

How to proceed to make payment for this service?

SIFU offers several packages for our services and are as follows:
• Companies may opt for membership subscription with SIFU, with offers provided for: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or annually.
• Companies may purchase credits to obtain students’ leads and contact details which are available in several packages, ranging from: 50 credits, 100 credits, 300 credits and 600 credits.
• Companies may opt to agree 20% service fees for SIFU’s services to engage and allocate interested students via when students decided to pay up-front 20% payment to book desire subject lesson. As such students are required to pay only 80% of their monthly fees when they engage lesson providers/tutors for lessons. This fee does not include any other additional fee and/or charges such as registration fee or miscellaneous fee if applicable.