How It Works

How It Works.

Students / Parents.

1. Select your desired “subject” and “preferred area” with the dropdown box and insert keywords (if available). Find your ideal Tutor/ Lesson Provider through our listing. You may also search the tutor or company listing by clicking the “TUTOR” or “COMPANY” at the selection bar on the website.
2. Once your ideal Tutor is identified, you can browse their profile to further understand each individual Tutor. Click “Contact” when you have identified the SIFU and decide to initiate contact.
3. If you are not a member of sifu.com.my, Please sign up as a member and fill up enquiry form. If you are already part of sifu.com.my, proceed to login immediately.
4. Once the identified SIFU has been notified, we will contact you for your lesson appointment.
5. Congratulations, you have successfully engaged a SIFU. Start learning, study, practice and enjoy your lesson.
6. If you are unable to find ideal tutor for your desire subject, do submit “SUBJECT REQUEST” and fill up enquiry form. We will find you a tutor

Tutor / Lesson Provider.

1. Join us as a SIFU (herein SIFU refers to tutors, lesson providers, practitioners or anybody that has knowledge to be shared). Complete the personal details form and we recommend to provide a short story about yourself and your qualifications background. BECOME TUTOR
2. Upload an image of yourself and start to provide input in your desired teaching subjects. Complete the details of each subject, with subject descriptions and upload up to 4 subject related images to the image gallery.
3. Once complete, our administration team will verify your profile and send you an email confirmation for the listing of your lesson for FREE.
4. Now students of SIFU may access your teaching profile and will initiate contact with you when your lessons provided is matched by the students’ requirement.
5. You will be alerted via email notification and please log in to sifu.com.my once there has been a request for your lesson.
6. Now you need to confirm student for your teaching status and once you accept student. Both parties can now exchange contact information and start the engagement for a lesson arrangement.
7. SIFUs can now commence the lesson and collect fees as desired.


1. Sign up as company, upload company logo or image, once complete, our administration team will alert you with a specific Company Code.
2. With the Company Code you may begin to create your company’s individual tutor profile page.
3. You may then create your own company profile page to list out all the desired subjects or lessons that is provided by your company.
4. Now students may access your company profile or your company tutor’s profile and start searching for the subject that they want to learn.
5. Once the student clicks “Contact” on your page, your company will be notified by email notification or login to sifu.com.my to find out more.
6. You need to confirm and accept prospective students to obtain the student’s contact details to proceed and engage the students to set up a lesson appointment.